Your Best Supplier of Kit Homes and Garden Sheds in Australia

Garden Shed Australia is the country of aborigines, multicultural society, kangaroo, Great Barrier Reef, outback, modern cities, magnificent beaches and much more. It also has unique geographical features – from hottest places on earth to tropical rain forests to snow-capped mountains.

Australians love outdoor activities like camping, sailing, surfing and sports like cricket and rugby. The hot and humid climate in the northeast to temperate climate in the southeast coupled with vast, rugged and open landscape offer Australians the opportunity of experiment with different types of dwellings.

Queensland Shed Market has been engaged in providing sheltering solution for many years now. We design, manufacture and supply all types of sheds and kit homes. This includes garden sheds, garages, farm sheds and similar structures for living in and storing things.

Many of our customers send inquiries asking for difference between kit homes and sheds. Well, the main difference is that kit homes are for living and sheds are for storing. Kit homes are closed from all sides while sheds may be closed or open from all or none of the sides. Kit homes are prefabricated, permanent homes constructed from pre-cut timber logs and pieces. While sheds can be constructed from wood, steel, and plastics and can be dismantled and relocated elsewhere, the same is not possible with kit homes.

If you are still in doubt, please send an exact inquiry by email or by filling up the online form. We promptly reply to all.

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