Easy Steps to Create a Quality Horse Shed

A shelter for a horse can be as extravagant as your imagination can make it. The important thing to remember is that in reality what you need for your horse is just a place for it to get out of the weather. It’s vital that your horse is protected from the weather even if you live in a mild climate.
These are the things you need to know in order to create a well-designed horse shed that saves you money, effort and time.
A shed works great and is the cheapest way to go when you need to build a horse shelter. It’s also highly effective in keeping out the weather.
Choosing the spot to build your horse shed is highly important, to prevent your horse from illness you must make sure it’s built in an area where it is well drained and unlikely to flood.

Probably the single most important element to building a new horse shelter. It’s important that there is always fresh air, because horses defecate and urinate on the floor they must have good ventilation to keep the environment comfortable for both them and yourself.
A well-designed, well-built horse shed is light, airy, and pleasant to work in, easy to keep clean and comfortable as a home for your horse. In the long run, it pays off in lower upkeep costs, fewer vet bills, and added property value.

horse-shedIf the structure is permanent, you may decide to put concrete, brick or paving stone flooring down. This makes cleaning easier.
Unless you are experienced with cementing you should not try and mix batches up for large areas in a small, home sized cement mixer. It proves to use too much electricity, time and labour. It’s likely that by doing it yourself you could end up with a patchy or uneven pad which would be unsuitable for a horse stable.
Good lighting is important, it makes everything more pleasant. The better lighted a horse barn is the easier it is to work in and fewer flies congregate in it. Using a shed as a horse shelter is also ideal because windows should be a priority when building a horse shed. The more natural light the lower electricity bills.
For inside the shelter you will want to use a thick plywood. You will want to use the plywood half way up the shed because horses can kick through tin and injure their legs. The plywood can split and the planks can break but it will prevent the leg from going through the tin.

Very important to remember, you want your horse to be able to walk in, throw its head up and not hit the roof.

Another important factor is direction. Whatever direction your strongest winds come from the shelter should be facing opposite.
Be sure when your construction is complete that there are no nails or screws, edges of metal siding, protruding timber or other obstacles that a horse could injure itself on. Be sure to clean up the construction site too.
You can choose to build your shelter from scratch or there are many pre-built designs available.

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