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Live in a Kit Home – Not a Shed

Queensland Shed Markets Housing was developed in early 2000 to address both, the demand for cost effective housing and, a permanent housing solution for people otherwise living or planning to live in sheds and garages on both rural and domestic blocks.

Initially the demand was high especially for teenage retreats, From the parents point of view, this was one of the many attempts to keep teenagers at home and safe from their misguided adventures and to save for a house, From the teenagers point of view was to provide a “getaway” for the one creature God put on earth who believed it knew absolutely everything about everything!

This trend was to be followed by the Gen Y that still stayed home with mum and dad, These are the former teenager that finally worked out that money really did not grow on trees and that they knew absolutely nothing about everything, more importantly they realised that their tummy was much happier whilst remaining in the care of mum, in 2013 this choice of living is still very popular,

Then there is a defined trend with the “baby boomers” now down sizing and moving to smaller blocks and or in a growing number of cases building a granny flat at the sibling’s address, where the evidence seems to show great benefits for all generations.

The housing offered by Queensland Shed Markets is a genuine Class one dwelling and not simply an upgraded garage or shed which has also flooded the market, it is wise to remember a dwelling (class 1 habitable structure) is completely different to a class 10 Non-habitable building, the engineering is completely different. So when you hear someone say their class 1 dwelling consists of a portal frame and stud infill walls you can be sure they are talking about an upgraded shed with no roof trusses.

With great care and caution a class 10 design can be turned in to a class one dwelling But it is worth remembering, they were originally designed as a shed or part thereof, and as such there are some difference in pricing, that is until the time comes to finish and fit out the building, this is typically where the genuine house works out much more cost effective.

Queensland Shed Markets offers some 42 designs in all wind zones, These buildings can be changed within guidelines, to suit clients specific needs.

All buildings are designed to suit site-specific conditions including Bush Fire Attack Levels. Sale price includes all Frame and building engineering and form 15’s required for council, site-specific elevations and plans, site plans, engineering and design drawings for piers and or slabs (subject to the client’s soils test).

Due to the many council constraints engineering for plumbing is not supplied.

Queensland Shed markets, works with the client to produce all the engineering and paperwork required by a council and works with the client to the end of the council process and in most cases to the completion of the job.

Within the engineering scope and supply is the full frame and or floor systems, roofing, gutter and Facia, all wall cladding, internal wall frames and batons for the underside of the truss ready to accept Gyprock, all glass windows and sliding doors with timber reveals, and insulation to the roof and walls.

The exercises we have carried out along with feedback from clients with our kit homes since 2000 has demonstrated that there are some significant savings to be had rather than the conventional method of having a house built, in most cases, this appears to be in the reason of 30% even higher in some designs.

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