1 - 25 different ways you can use a shed on your property

25 different ways you can use a shed on your property

A shed can be so much more than just a place to store things. Check out our list of 25 different ways you can use a shed to maximise your lifestyle.

1. Man Cave

Sometimes a man just needs some space to sit back, relax and drink a bear. Add a television, a mini-fridge and a comfy chair and your shed will be your new favourite place.

man shed

2. She Shed

The She Shed is a women’s escape from the house. Give yourself somewhere to escape to when you need a break by building yourself a She Shed.

3. Hobby Shed

Whatever hobby you’re into, a shed can be a great place to indulge in hobbies. By simply adding a worktable and a few lights your hobby haven is ready.

4. Toilet Shed

To avoid morning bathroom queues or to have access to a bathroom while in your backyard, try converting your shed into a new bathroom. You can buy composting/eco-toilets that mean you don’t have to go to the expense of connecting your shed to your home sewage system.

5. Home Gym

Trade the annual expense of a gym membership with the one-time cost of building your own home gym. No more waiting around for equipment to become available or sitting in someone else’s sweat stains.

home gym in the shed

6. Observatory

“The stars are the street light of eternity” – unknown

Explore the infinite majesty of the stars from your backyard by converting your backyard shed into your own observatory.

Observatory in the shed

7. Home Office

Working at home is the best way to achieve the work/life you’ve been striving for. Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve this with the chaos of family life inside your home. Through physically separating yourself from the family home, you will be more productive when working and you’ll be able to switch-off from work mode during the precious family time. If you’ve got a flexible job that allows you to work from home, or you’re self-employed, you may be eligible for a tax deduction on your home office shed.

shed home office

8. Pet Paradise

As much as we all love our furry friends, sometimes they can get a bit too rambunctious or they take to ruining the furniture. A simple solution to this is to give them their own space. It’s easy to convert a backyard shed into a pet paradise. Give your pets a personalised space that fits both of your needs.

9. Guest Accommodation/Granny Flat

If you wanted to opt for a slightly larger shed, you can fit it out with the comforts of a home (or for a less DIY option check out our Kit Homes). You’d have a great space for visiting friends and family, or you could list it on a room sharing site (for example, Airbnb) and rent it out for some extra cash. If you do decide to use it for some additional income, then you might be able to claim the tax back!

shed accommodation or granny flat

10. Playhouse/Kids Cubby

Give yourself a bit of a break by giving the kids a space of their own. A converted shed can make a great playhouse for any kid.

11. Pool Shed

Having a swimming pool can quickly mean your backyard is overflowing with pool accessories, supplies and toys. Using your shed for pool storage is your answer to this clutter.

12. Pool Pump Cover

While we all love having a pool in our backyard to cool off on a hot day, pool pumps are the unsightly trade-off for this luxury. Pool pumps are unattractive, expensive pieces of equipment that should be protected from damage. Small sheds are ideal for being used as pool pump covers.

mini shed for pool pump

13. Poolside Changing Room

By adding a mirror, bench and a locking door you can convert your shed into a lovely changing room, giving you and your guests a comfortable place to change into their togs before jumping in the pool.

14. Bin Shed

You can easily convert your small shed into a wheelie bin shed, keeping your unsightly and smelly bins out of sight.

bin shed

15. Greenhouse

With a little work, you can convert your backyard shed into a greenhouse by adding an overhead window, ensuring your plants and flowers thrive no matter the weather.

16. Toy Shed

Try using your shed as a dumping ground for the mountain of toys that litter your house. Then you don’t have to face the tears that come with throwing out their favourite toys while maintaining a tidy house.

17. Bike Shed

Does your family own more than one bike? The best storage solution is not to cramp then into your already full garage, but instead in a bike shed. This will keep your bikes out of sight and safe from damage.

bike shed

18. Motorbike garage

Is your garage already filled? Or you don’t have the space to build a garage? Try using a shed as a more compact alternative to keep your motorbike safe from damage and thieves.

motorbike shed

19. Art Studio

Create the perfect place for the budding artist by converting your shed into a private space outdoors in nature to let your creative juices flow – without having worry about making a mess.

shed art studio

20. Home Spa

Treat yourself to a spa break whenever you like by turning your shed into a home spa. Relax, unwind and recharge your barriers in your very own garden.

shed spa

21. Games room

You can create the perfect place to hangout with your friends by having a games room in your backyard. Add a dartboard, a pool table, and a mini fridge and you’re golden.

shed games room

22. Bar in a Shed

If you love to entertain consider setting up your own bar in your shed to impress your guest at your next garden party.

bar in the shed

23. Pottery Barn

If you’re the creative type that likes to a potter, then you know how messy it can get. A shed can be a great place to not just store art supplies, but to act as your own pottery studio. By adding prints of your favourite artworks and some of your own sketches to the wall you can create the perfect space to really tap into your artistic side.

24. Wood storage

Having a shed to store your woods keeps the wood dry and ready to use whenever you to need to fire you that wood stove or fireplace.

25. Or anything else you want

This shows just how versatile your shed can be, so next time your face with space/storage dilemma try asking yourself, “Would a shed fix this?”. Find out more about our sheds and an option to suit you!

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