3 - Are she sheds the new man cave?

Are she sheds the new man cave?

If men can have man caves that they can escape to, why shouldn’t women have their own escape? Well, the new trend of she sheds is the answer.

As an alternative to the man cave, women have started creating their own escapes in their backyard. There are some apparent difference between these two similar concepts, their shed’s being primarily about beautiful décor and relaxing activities without a beer bottle or T.V. set insight.

Check out our selection of the best she shed images on the web and get inspired to turn your own shed into a unique design retreat with just a little DIY.

An amazing shed that shows it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

glam shed interior

This cute artist studio is the perfect place to let your creative juices flow.

artist studio shed

A relaxing backyard escapes kicking back with a book and a glass of wine.

shed used as backyard escape

A minimalist she shed for a sleek understated look.

minimalist she shed

Any shed can be converted into a fabulous she shed. These flower boxes transform this shed into a charming she shed.

shed with flower boxes

Your own secret garden to run away too.

secret garden hideaway shed

Your new happy place.

A shed can be a happy place

This cute interior is a crafter’s paradise.

Crafter's paradise shed

Check out our amazing range of sheds then put your thinking cap on as to how you can DIY your shed into women shed paradise!

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