Barns provide more space than sheds, secure entryways for easy access, and they’re also more eye-catching than your typical shed – they create a valuable landmark on your property.

The advantage of our barns is that you can build three sections across the front without having to upgrade the frame.

Our barn kit also allows extra height for one vehicle without having to spend money on building the whole shed high.

Additionally, our barns provide plenty of off-the ground storage space.

Our Barn Kit Range

American Barns

American barns feature high central sections for storing large objects such as boats, trucks or heavy machinery, while offering that classic look that people imagine when thinking about barns.

Aussie Barns

Australian barns are typically more uniform in height than an American barn. The central section is pronounced, but not by as much.

Quaker Barns

Quaker barns offer a high ceiling, enough for a useable upstairs area. They feature a wide front façade and one, or two, entryways. The potential for a mezzanine level provides an attractive option for those looking for living space within their barn.

Barn Stables

We can design and build a unique barn stable for your property. Take care of your horses and animals by providing a secure place that they can call home. With our expert team of builders, you can have a barn stable that’s both beautiful and functional.

Skillion Barn

An alternative to an Aussie barn, the sloped roofs of skillion barns offer a more contemporary look. The sleek profile of a skillion barn allows it to blend in with the modern architecture of nearby homes.
And there are many more! If there’s a specific barn kit design that you want for your property, just let us know, and we’ll design one according to your needs. Call us today on to get started.
3 bay American style barn
3 bay barn with skillion roof and 2 roller doors
3 bay American style barn with awning
3 bay American style barn with no doors