3 - Are she sheds the new man cave?

Are she sheds the new man cave?

If men can have man caves that they can escape to, why shouldn’t women have their own escape? Well, the new trend of she sheds is the answer.

As an alternative to the man cave, women have started creating their own escapes in their backyard. There are some apparent difference between these two similar concepts, their shed’s being primarily about beautiful décor and relaxing activities without a beer bottle or T.V. set insight.

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The secret to high-profit farms | Queensland Shed Markets

The Secret to High-Profit Farms

Sheds and barns could be the answer to becoming a high-profit farm.

According to Dr. Kevin Dhuyvetter, professor at Kansas State University, the five most important characteristics of profitable farms are, “Costs, costs, costs, costs, and costs.” The major factor separating high-profit farms from low-profit farms is controlling costs long-term.

Farm equipment – with the exception of land and buildings – is the most significant financial investment farmers make – regardless of what is being farmed – as almost all farms have a tractor and several implements, which are critical to day-to-day farming operations. Read More

How a shed can increase your property's value

How a shed can increase your property’s value

Real estate agents agree – a shed can increase the value of your property… if you choose the right shed.

Properties that have a separate workshop space, shed or garage have an advantage over properties without. It allows property owners to demand higher sale prices, additional rent and increases the chance of a sale or rental.

It is estimated that by adding a large shed to a rural property, large backyard home or family home – or a garage to any property – it will add an approximate increase of $20,000 to the sale price and an extra $20 per week in rent. Read More

Kit Homes

How to Choose the Perfect Kit Home for You

So you’ve decided that a kit home is a great move for your new home or property investment. Great choice! Not only can kit homes be built and assembled much quicker than a regular home, but they also look great. And because they’re pre-fabricated, you also save money!

Now that you are set on building a kit home, your next step is choosing the right one that’s perfect for you. Here are a few points you should consider:

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18 - Are You Ready for Christmas Under Your New Patio?

Are You Ready for Christmas Under Your New Patio?

Most homeowners need to carry out home renovations from time to time – for example, extending your existing house for your families’ needs. Extending or building the patio area is a worthwhile and financially beneficial renovation for many homeowners and as a result the enjoyment of spending time with family and friends as a reward. Using an experienced sheds and patios company will ensure a quality product and finish. Many designs to choose from with the Lysaght for living range.

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patio - Upgrade Your Home with a Stylish Patio

Upgrade Your Home with a Stylish Patio

A beautiful patio can be easily installed to a veranda or balcony that may be attached to the bedroom or family room of your home, therefore creating additional space for relaxation and privacy, imagine having your breakfast or a romantic meal in your new alfresco area.

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