tr002 - Are You Planning to Buy a Kit Home in Queensland?

Are You Planning to Buy a Kit Home in Queensland?

These days, kit homes have grown in popularity and are an inexpensive alternative of building a dwelling place. In many of the developed countries of the world like America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, kit homes are being installed. Kit homes are ready-made houses that require proper installation following legal procedures; and all other facilities need to be attached to it like the bathroom, toilet etc. Additional work would be plumbing and electrical. It’s perhaps the easiest way to construct a house in a shorter time period compared to the normal construction of the house.

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patio banner - Our Stunning Outdoor Patio Kits

Our Stunning Outdoor Patio Kits

If you are particular about the aesthetic appeal of your house including the exterior, it is important to pay attention in the set up of garages, sheds and even patios in the best possible way. A patio is an extension of your house that can be used for multiple purposes. An outdoor patio can also be used for evening get together’s with friends or relatives at different times of the year. It can be an open air yet shaded place where you can enjoy meeting people in the privacy of your home.

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carport7 - A Deck or Patio for Extra Space Outdoors

A Deck or Patio for Extra Space Outdoors

Without doubt a timber deck and/or a patio is the trendiest way to the enjoy the great outdoors ! It has become so popular in recent years to think of the outdoors of our homes as an extension to the indoors and nowhere is this more the case than Queensland. We have come to regard patios and decks as extra living space, an area to entertain, and not just somewhere to sit on the occasional sunny day or warm evening. Deck and patio designs can help you to make the most of your outdoor space and perhaps be a lot less costly than you may have imagined, and certainly much less expensive than selling and buying another property.

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Why you should choose Queensland Shed Markets

ga020a-300x225That’s a question I’m sure a lot of people ask themselves until they talk to one of our qualified representatives.

Queensland shed markets not only offers security and style but genuine Australian made products of the highest standard. With our shed garage kits made from Bluescope Lysaght, B&D Doors & Openers, & G. James windows to name a few. Read More

Need a Shed, Kit Home or Patio?

lb063-3-300x200Queensland Shed Market’s vast range consists of garden sheds, domestic garages, barns, industrial sheds, kit homes and patios. If you are looking for a new structure for your home or business, call one of our team to discuss your best options. Read More

Easy Steps to Create a Quality Horse Shed

A shelter for a horse can be as extravagant as your imagination can make it. The important thing to remember is that in reality what you need for your horse is just a place for it to get out of the weather. It’s vital that your horse is protected from the weather even if you live in a mild climate. Read More

Farm Sheds: Explore Sheds for Your Farm, Get Your Farms Protected

Careful planning and design is vital to get the best out of an expensive new farm building or a farm shed. There are some vital tips to be kept in mind to design good farm sheds. Firstly, think about your farm as a business and decide whether or not your business needs will be met by the addition of a new building. Once that decision is made, draw a scaled view of the intended layout of the new farm sheds. Read More