Add Value To Your Home By Adding a Patio!

patioWould you like a new patio or shed at your house, a patio to sit under and entertain your family and friends, and lets face it the cost of going out these days is rising so why not stay at home and have a home cooked meal and still enjoy the company of your friends and family for a lot less. By doing this you will add much more value to your home and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. Read More

Your Best Supplier of Kit Homes and Garden Sheds in Australia

Garden Shed Australia is the country of aborigines, multicultural society, kangaroo, Great Barrier Reef, outback, modern cities, magnificent beaches and much more. It also has unique geographical features – from hottest places on earth to tropical rain forests to snow-capped mountains.

Australians love outdoor activities like camping, sailing, surfing and sports like cricket and rugby. The hot and humid climate in the northeast to temperate climate in the southeast coupled with vast, rugged and open landscape offer Australians the opportunity of experiment with different types of dwellings. Read More

Its Arrived

Our displays have arrived,

watch our site to see when they are built

Sheds for Sale in Queensland

The word ‘shed’ comes from ‘shade’. The purpose of a shed is to provide protection and shelter, either temporary or permanent. Sheds are the most versatile types of structures. Usually built for storing things, sheds can be built from any material and can be erected quickly.

Earlier, people used to build own sheds, for example, farm sheds and barns. But that was a time when building materials were limited to thatch (dried straw, reed etc for making a roof) and timber (for making walls, etc). Those kinds of sheds didn’t last very long and had to be repaired often. Read More

Playground Forts and Cubbie Houses

Do you have Children or Grand Children and want them to develop more of an imagination, help them learn Hand & Eye co-ordination, keep them fit and active out side playning rather than indise onthe computer, have you thought about a cubby house or fort?

our new display will be arriving in a few week and we cant wait we are excited to bring a new range to the Queensland Shed Markets Range.

check back for updates over the next couple of weeks or send us an email and we can send you some brochures.


New Products Coming Soon

We have just been notified of a new Range of products from Outstore Garden sheds coming soon, Keep watching for Update!


For your peace-of-mind, all our products are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. Some Storage Buildings are sold with a warranty as long as 10 years! Warranty details are listed beside each item.

Customer Satisfaction…
“Hi, I just want to write and tell you how much we love our
new Summit shed. It is the perfect addition to our home. We
constructed a nice brick base to set it up on. Thanks for
making a fantastic looking shed. So far we are the envy of
the neighborhood!”

“Hello, We recently purchased a Orion shed and are very
pleased with the product. It is the perfect size for my husband
to store his ride-on mower and we still have space left over
for other stuff. The loft really adds extra space. My husband
even added a second loft using wood from a left over

Fortis 8×11
“Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how satisfied I
am with my Fortis 8×11 shed.
The engineering that went into this is simply amazing – I can’t
believe how easily it went together and how nice the result
is. Never once did we get to those inevitable “it just doesn’t
work” points as I’ve experienced so many times in my past.”
Thanks for a great product!

Apex 8×6
“I have just purchased one of your Apex 8×6 sheds. I would
like to congratulate you on the errection instructions ,I am
80 yrs of age and my wife is 74 yrs we followed the picture
instructions and was able to complete within a few hours,

Gemini 6×6
“Our family loves to ride bikes together in the spring and
We needed a place to store our bikes and keep them dry.
The 6X6 shed we purchased is perfect!
All 4 bikes fit perfectly inside and it keeps them dry.”

Welcome to Stannum Steel

Queensland shed Markets would like to welcome Stannum Steel, they have just taken on the stanthorpe area we would like them to be made welcome by all.

Welcome to our new agents

We would like to Welcome Alan & Rosemary Huggins to Queensland Shed Markets, together they will be taking care of their local area for sheds & Garages.

Please everyone make them feel welcome.