Easy Steps to Create a Quality Horse Shed

A shelter for a horse can be as extravagant as your imagination can make it. The important thing to remember is that in reality what you need for your horse is just a place for it to get out of the weather. It’s vital that your horse is protected from the weather even if you live in a mild climate. Read More

Farm Sheds: Explore Sheds for Your Farm, Get Your Farms Protected

Careful planning and design is vital to get the best out of an expensive new farm building or a farm shed. There are some vital tips to be kept in mind to design good farm sheds. Firstly, think about your farm as a business and decide whether or not your business needs will be met by the addition of a new building. Once that decision is made, draw a scaled view of the intended layout of the new farm sheds. Read More

Fancy a Barn House? Now You Can Get One!

Necessity is the mother of invention and over times, the definition of many things change according to needs. Take, for instance, a barn house. Traditionally, a barn house is a kind of shed, essentially a large farm building for storing grain (for example, a hay barn) or keeping animals in. Normally, barns are a single-storey buildings usually constructed from timber logs or planks topped with a slanting roof. Read More

Garden Sheds for Sale in Queensland

Of all types of hobbies, gardening is perhaps the most fulfilling pursuit. Gardens are a place where plants are grown for beauty, relaxation, health and food. They provide refreshing environment and reduce noise and air pollution in cities. Read More

Five Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Shed

For many of us, our sheds are there to provide shelter and protection for the things that
are important to us. Whether it’s for our home, farm or business, sheds are there to keep
our important belongings safe and sound. And for many people their shed can be their third
biggest investment, behind their house and car. That’s why it’s so important to ask the
right questions and get the right shed for your needs.

Does the steel in your shed meet Australian Standards?
Most sheds are designed and built in Australia, but in some instances the shed and the steel
can be made somewhere else. Steel made by BlueScope Steel is 100% Australian made and
guaranteed to meet or exceed Australian Standards.
To comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements, the steel used in your
shed should comply with the relevant Australian Standards.
ZINCALUME® steel (often used in roofing and walling) and GALVASPAN® steel (used for the
important structural components) are made to comply with AS1397. COLORBOND® steel is made to
comply with AS2728.

Will your shed stand up to Australia’s harsh conditions?
Around Australia our scientists have been testing steel products for over 45 years in some
of the country’s harshest climatic conditions. Australia has some of the highest UV levels
in the world, which can play havoc with painted steels. In fact, AS2728 requires pre-painted
steel used in buildings to be tested in designated extreme climates throughout Australia,
including sunshine exposure sites. And as required by the Standard, testing is conducted for
performance attributes such as blistering, cracking, flaking and peeling. In other words,
COLORBOND® steel is tested against defects that you do not want to see appearing on your
Can you be sure this testing has been performed on pre-painted steels made in other
countries, to foreign standards?

The workmanship in your shed may have a warranty but what about the steel?
In addition to the workmanship that goes into your shed, make sure the steel used in your
shed has a warranty you can trust. Roofing and walling made from COLORBOND® steel and
ZINCALUME® steel is backed by a warranty* from BlueScope Steel right here in Australia.

Is it genuine COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® steel in my new shed?
Look for the brand. To make sure you get genuine, COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® and GALVASPAN®
steel, ask your shed supplier to show you the brand marking printed on the reverse side of
the steel. Made only by BlueScope Steel these registered brands have built a reputation as
some of the most trusted building materials in Australia.

Is your shed design engineered specifically for your site?
Like your house, your shed should also be engineered specifically for your site. Every shed
is different in terms of the site, exposure to the elements and distance from other
buildings. Combining this data with other important information such as the intended use of
your shed and the wind speed, enables your shed supplier to determine the right design

Your Best Supplier of Kit Homes and Garden Sheds in Australia

Garden Shed Australia is the country of aborigines, multicultural society, kangaroo, Great Barrier Reef, outback, modern cities, magnificent beaches and much more. It also has unique geographical features – from hottest places on earth to tropical rain forests to snow-capped mountains.

Australians love outdoor activities like camping, sailing, surfing and sports like cricket and rugby. The hot and humid climate in the northeast to temperate climate in the southeast coupled with vast, rugged and open landscape offer Australians the opportunity of experiment with different types of dwellings. Read More

Sheds for Sale in Queensland

The word ‘shed’ comes from ‘shade’. The purpose of a shed is to provide protection and shelter, either temporary or permanent. Sheds are the most versatile types of structures. Usually built for storing things, sheds can be built from any material and can be erected quickly.

Earlier, people used to build own sheds, for example, farm sheds and barns. But that was a time when building materials were limited to thatch (dried straw, reed etc for making a roof) and timber (for making walls, etc). Those kinds of sheds didn’t last very long and had to be repaired often. Read More