Our outdoor buildings are made with the highest-quality BlueScope Steel and Steeline Framing systems frames, including fittings and inclusions that meet relevant building standards and wind code requirements.

We offer a range of options and additions to further enhance your sheds, including roof ventilators, ridge vents, standard access doors, fire doors, mezzanine floors, vermin seals and flashings, water tanks, and solar panels.

We can also provide a number of specialised additions, such as:

  • Air-cell insulation to the roof and wall, which provides very high thermal performance. This easy-to-install insulation product is fibre-free, resistant to insects and rodents, and completely waterproof and fire tested.
  • Windows and glass sliding doors, which come in a range of sizes to suit any and all of your requirements. All our windows and glass sliding doors come fitted with standard keyed locks.
  • Roller doors, which are available in both domestic grade and industrial grade and can be made with a maximum opening size of up to 5000mm high or wide.
  • High-tensile steel connection brackets. Large, fully bolted and galvanised, these brackets have to strengthen folds for top-quality support and are used in compliance with standard building practices and the manufacturer’s specifications to guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Personal access doors, or P.A doors, which come with high-quality locks, butt hinges and door jams. Designed to be large enough for wheelbarrows and wheelchairs to easily pass through, they are made with sturdy support members on the inside and around the edges.
  • Cladding for walls and roofs, in a range of designs and colours, to brighten up the exterior of your building. Ideal for either domestic or industrial buildings, our cladding options can be fully customised to your design preferences.
  • Roof gutters, in a large range of colours and with a variety of available accessories.
  • Customised flashings, which are used to finish all openings so that sheet edging and galvanised framework is covered and protected from insects.
  • Knee and ridge plates that are universal and substantial, and they look good! This makes our sheds easier to construct and gives them more storage room inside.