These buildings are your typical domestic garages found in suburbia as well as rural areas, the main purpose of use is generally vehicle storage with a mixture of mowers, trailers, boats and the average family play things,
In the main these sizes and designs fit in to local council by laws with out the need for town planning issues etc, there by speeding up the council process to with in a week in most cases.
Mind you, caution still needs to be exercised when ordering buildings like this and the home owner needs to be sure and completely satisfied that the structure suits the wind code for the area and falls with in the boundary limits and does not infringe on the council sewer lines, or any easements, There exceptions to this rule, however due to the fact that Queensland Shed Markets [for a small fee] offers assistance and help with council applications with the aid of private certifiers you are best to talk to your local Queensland Shed market representative before purchase.

Do you hate banging your car doors on the wall when parked in garages, Would you like extra room in your garage, we can make your single garage more roomy so you can open your doors without the worry of the doors hitting anything, or just need extra room to pack or unpack the car. why struggle with room when you can make your shed that extra bit wider and solve all your problems. Call us today for a quote on your design

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